View Full Version : Mailbox: Easier Adressing of Mails to Friends / Alts

01-16-2010, 05:22 AM
At the moment, if you want to send a mail to someone you still have towrite his name into the recipient-field (or copy&paste it).

Maybe a userfriendly (and probably not hard to implement) alternative would be, to change the pure textbox into a combobox, which already includes the names of all your alts and friends on that server.

This way you would have 2 possible modes of entering the recipients name:
1. Writing (or Copy&Pasting) the name of the recipient, as before
2. Selecting the name from the comboboxs list

This might be a good way to speed up addressing of mails and especially be helpful in preventing sending mails to a wrong recipient (for example because you made a typo in the recipents name and send it to another person who has a similar name)