View Full Version : Help needed for building up a European Guild!!

01-16-2010, 03:43 AM
Hi all,

if you are in the european timezones and would like to help building up a new guild from scratch why not contact me ingame and join *Stormbringer*. I am totally fascinated by this game although I have found it very late, but after checking out the free version for a while it didn`t take me long to upgrade to VIP.
So here I am, looking for fellowplayers who like to enjoy this game in a relaxed and adult way and help me build a teamplay and helpful oriented guild or steady group that is open to everything as long as it is conform to the rules of netikette and fairplay.

Contact me here or ingame asap to get officers ranks and help spread the word.

I have started the guild with my 2nd level monk, called Ronwen.
I also have higher level chars on that server, but I wanted to build it up from the beginning. You are welcome, no matter what level or class.

See you ingame, well hopefully...smile

03-09-2010, 04:33 PM
Hey there, I would very much like to join, become a member and help you get the guild started.

My character is Lesster Mirkwood, a rogue lvl 12. Find me in game,or contact me back here,so we can get in touch.