View Full Version : Adventure Packs, Crafting, and Raids

01-15-2010, 09:48 AM
Recently ran a FvS to level 20 when they first came out, working on a True Reincarnate toon atm.

With the F2P model and Adventure Packs, as well as keeping excitement at all levels, here's my suggested formula:

1. Make crafting part of each Adventure Pack

Make every area (Adventure Pack) a crafting area, make it very simple at low levels, heck even Korthos. Get people used to crafting earlier. Make it so each quest drops something where People want to run all the quests in an Area, then you craft an item that only you can get from that area. Similar to Meridia's flagging system, but special crafted loot.

This makes more people want to run more of the quests thus increasing the LFM and overall activity of the game at all levels, not just high end content.

Have a crafting tutorial quest line in Korthos even.

2. Make a Raid a part of each Adventure Pack

No matter the level, make a storyline for each area that results in a Raid. Again, get people used to raids, the dynamic of raids, and how to work within a raid. A person's first raid experience (either Vons or Tempest Spine) seems a bit late in game at this point.

3. Add NPC interaction cut scenes to help explain stories and quest chains

To go in hand with more story related quest chains, I say make cut scenes that explain the backdrop, or fill in the gaps, that if you talk to an NPC, you have an option to play a cutscene that maybe explains the story in detail.

I would like a deeper immersion of Stormreach, and animated cut scenes and such can help bring the world to life, to explain say, a building that is destroyed. Or, for those that weren't part of the game, a cut scene explaining what happened in the marketplace, why Shavarath is an issue, etc, etc....

Have Patrick Stewart do the voice over commentary. The stories are compelling as they are, just not told very well at the moment.

Those are my suggestions, to give some life to every level of the game, and to the game world itself.