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01-13-2010, 08:21 PM
Pure rogues are known to be of much less benefit than a multi class rogue for reasons Im sure are already documented on the forum. My suggestion below is to help a pure rogue becomes desirable again and makes a class that has a rep for being quite squishy a bit better at evading damage. My suggestion to make them better is simply two changes.

First mobility should be only a +2 modifier as a feat for all classes but there should be rogue enhancements available at certain levels to raise it much higher. It wont be so overpowered as the major downside is a roguie only gets a light (possibly medium)armor ac bonus, he has to tumble around and can not attack, the bonus is scaled to level, plus to get the full bonus is expensive as you must also have spent advancement points in the tumble skill enhancement. So in the following example, to get as much as 10 ac bonus when tumbling costs 1 feat and 15 advancement points in all and is only available at 18th level when enemies are much more powerful anyway than any benefit from a +4 mobility bonus can be justified.

increased mobility 1
*requires 4th level rogue , mobility feat,
+2 ac (+4 total), 1 point,
increased mobilty 2
*requires 8th level rogue, mobility, skill enhancement - tumble 1
+2ac (+6 total), 2 points
increased mobility 3
*requires 12th level rogue, mobility, tumble 2
+2 ac (+8 total) 3 points
increased mobility 3
*18 rogue, mobility, tumble 3
+2 ac (+ 10 total) 4 points

Instead of a self res or getting back up yourself after incurring death penalties (which is not evading death) the capstone effect should be, per rest, 1 evasion of any damage that would cause death (battle, trap or anything else).

01-14-2010, 04:01 AM
I agree one thing should be done to make an incentive for pure rogues. Everyone agrees the current capstone is nonsense. Even the ones gonig for assassin 3 take at least 1 foreign level, if not 2. Otherwise the "exploiter" ranger replaces trapmonkey abilities in most parties. What I like about your suggestion is it helps making rogues a little less squishy.

See also the Luddite suggestion, to make rogues a real help getting down these portals:

Or how about a saves boost at level 20? And not reflex, that one is fine thx, but will and fortitude.