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01-13-2010, 10:37 AM
I love the Devil Battlefield Pack. The whole ambience (both visual and the implied, and the music) of Amrath and Shavarath (even though the in-quest environments themselves are a bit mundane, looking like drab interiors of some alien spaceship.)

IMO, the Inspired Quarter and Dreaming Dark Packs were like taking a step back, after having been to the Battlefield (nevermind the complete lack whatsoever of any new monster models.)

Anyway, a new Pack set in one of the other zones of Shavarath would be awesome; the Archon- or Demon-controlled territories that you can see from Amrath. The Demon-side would have a better chance of being introduced first, or at all, since the Archons probably can't present much of an antagonist.

With the Demons being Chaotic Evil, I hope the quests set in their turf can effectively portray some sense of that sheer chaos, and here's my take on what could work nicely:

A new Wilderness Zone, looking maybe like a cross between the Devil Battlefield and the Ruins of Gianthold.
The main difference between the Demon Battlefield and other Wildernesses would be mobs respawning during the instance, and organized into 3 factions; the Demons, Devils and Archons, each battling between themselves at random spots on the map, with the D's attacking you on sight as well of course.
That Wilderness would be the locale for all quests on the Demon-side, not simply a stepping stone on the way to them; the quests will take place IN the Wilderness.
Once you acquire a Quest, you'll get additional objectives alongside the usual Slayer/Exploration/Rare-Encounters. Those objectives could be like, Defend N Archon Generals within M minutes, and you'd run around the huge Wilderness, looking for any A vs. D battles and helping the good guys out.
So basically, to complete those quests, you might need a full party of self-sufficient Level 20s, each spreading out on their own on a huge map in order to meet the objectives in time, with a war going on around them.

Sounds like fun? I hope so! cause I for one would love some like that (especially when playing it with a gamepad, as I sometimes try with the other Wildernesses, feels kind of like an arcade-game. Please don't hate me for that.)

What do you think? ^^

P.S. oh and new monsters too, please! VROCKS ROCK! (are they in Eberron?)

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01-09-2011, 01:03 PM
Cthulhu agrees.

Why not also have the option to fight FOR the Demons and/or Devils? Get some signet and they realize you're a friend.

01-09-2011, 01:25 PM
I'm not sure about the quests being in the wilderness, could be interesting though. I would however love to see a new pack involving Archons and Demons and the never ending war on Shavarath.