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01-12-2010, 01:21 PM
With Valhallans having conquered The Desert, The Gianthold, and now The Orchard of the Macabre (and many of the quests therein) We are off to Meridia.

Our guild differs from some PD guilds in that we encourage small groups to go into these very dangerous explorer areas - take the risk and the challenge they offer - and then proceed to more difficult challenges. Personally, I didn't find running The Desert at Level 9 - Gianthold and The Orchard of the Macabre "easy XP". I was scared to death half the time - and very grateful for having Haste on me at all times!

A small hard-core group of adventurers beyond level 10 - no small feat in PD play - has grown to about 15 to 20. We are also developing a large number of mid level adventurers who are itching for their first crack at Tempest's Spine.

We have a diverse guild with teams running quests that they find challenging.

Recently a group of Level 5 to 8 members ran Stormcleave on Hard and then two level 6's took on Tear of Dakhaan.

A small team of 3 (Lvl 10 to 12) ran the Chambers in the Desert on Hard and Elite

We also don't leave the lower level players behind as we feature theme nights - Lowbie Friday (Lvl 6 and Under)
Mid Level Mondays (Level 4 to 9) High Night (Level 10+)

We have seen an explosion in advancement to mid levels with players who are new to DDO now confident in leading quests as "The Group Leader" while the veterans take a back seat and develop new leaders.

We will start featuring regular runs of Tempest's Spine so those new to PD can experience an introductory raid.
We will be continually tagging for Von's and The Titan as soon as new members can form groups that are able to run these pre-raid quests.

We are discussing how to take on quests that are not commonly run in PD play and are new to many of our players who solely play PD - such as The Shroud - The Reaver and Demon Queen.

We hope to have a core of players that are in the range to do these quests - and maybe some of you might enjoy this venue.

Our basic rules are simple:
No AH - Brokers - Buying Magic or Trading Gear
No use of Rez Shrines
No Pugs or Twinking
Don't spoil content in quest
Total Rez limited by Constitution
No repeating quests at the same level

We do have some other rules that can be looked at on our website. Some have to be reviewed as certain higher game content we wish to run requires running quests more than once - this is a reasonable exception to a rule.

So, if you wish to play higher end content by using only what you pulled - and without limitless rezzes.
If you wish to play in a guild where you can develop your skills at your pace with the support of the full guild we welcome you to give us a further look.

Happy Gaming!