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01-11-2010, 10:24 AM

Our regular playing on static group is looking for more to join. At the moment there are 3 of us regularly playing; our current combo is Intimi Pally, Rogue/Cleric, Bard lvl 9-10.

We are all experienced MMOers dating all the way back to original EQ. On a different set of toons (11 pally, 11 monk/fvs, 10, rogue/barb/ranger) we 3 manned Tempest Spine on normal. We are by no means min/maxers or elitists, but we know how to play etc.

As we all have lifes, jobs and commitments we usually sort out via email when we are playing and we only play those toons in this particular group.

We are spread across the UK and US and our playtimes are

Week days: 7.30-11.30pm GMT or 2.30-6.30 EST
Weekends: 1pm - ... GMT or 8am EST onwards

If you are interested in playing with us please PM me on Boards