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01-07-2010, 06:43 PM
Title says it all. I can't really tell you what exactly I want to do. I mean, I know one sneaks around and unlocks traps, sneaks attacks, etc., and one sings songs, buffs players and holds mobs. I can tell you that I already have a cleric (nuker) and I find that cleric pretty fun, and a bit invincible at times too, lol. So, which is more fun? Or is there another class such as Ranger or Barb more fun than the above?

01-07-2010, 06:44 PM
that depends on you and what you consider fun

bards and rogues play differant

but if you cant decide at all make a rogue2/bard18 warchanter :p

01-07-2010, 06:47 PM
That's what I was going to suggest. Do both!
With 6 skill points/level for a bard, they can easily fill both roles. In fact, my rogue-splash bard is one of my favorites.

01-07-2010, 06:49 PM
I can't tell you what you think is fun.

I prefer rogues slightly.

01-08-2010, 09:57 AM
Well, with a rogue you usually (or at least when traps are suspected) sneak ahead of the party, to detect and disarm them (and it is always good if you know the dungeon and then location of the traps in advance). And you have massive advantages to attacking enemies that already have agro on someone else inyour group (or by sneaking and attacking from behind). You also bear the responsibility to keep your search, disable traps and open locks skills (as well as usually spot) high enough to fulfill the job that is usually expected by parties who are looking for a rogue.

As a bard your job is more buffing and crowd control and being a 2nd line fighter (i.e. fighter who gets in as soon as the intimitank has aggro). With good zerging parties usually more buffing and fighting than crowd control (till you have spoken one of your CC spells or sang fascinate/enthrall the party usually already has dispatched all enemies :D

So, it depends on your playstyle what is more fun to you. Or, as someonementioned you put some splash levels of rogue into a bard. But in thiscase you will have to make compromises in what skill levels you increase each level, as you have to expend 2 skillpoints for each level in disable devices/open locks/search/spot (if you level as a bard) while you also have interesting skills you could increase from your bard class (like tumble/haggle/perform/UMD)

01-08-2010, 03:53 PM
Hmm, I may give it a go as a Rogue. If I ever decide to splash, does it matter when I splash or just as long as I start splashing with enough levels left to get to where I want to go?

01-08-2010, 04:20 PM
Hmm, I may give it a go as a Rogue. If I ever decide to splash, does it matter when I splash or just as long as I start splashing with enough levels left to get to where I want to go?

You can splash at any time, but because of how leveling in certain classes works, you may want to look into how the classes build out in a planning tool. Bard and Rogues not getting the full Base Attack Bonus as melee classes can effect what feats are availible you you as you level up. Otherwise, I think it sounds like you already know what you want to do, so good luck and enjoy!

01-08-2010, 04:21 PM
Hmm, I may give it a go as a Rogue. If I ever decide to splash, does it matter when I splash or just as long as I start splashing with enough levels left to get to where I want to go?

It matters, though some combinations are more sensitive than ohers - casually splashing a level of some other class can seriously break your character long term. Class stat considerations, for instance, may constrain you to some difficult tradeoffs very hard to satisfy on a new 28-pt. character. As a rule, multiclass characters want fairlycareful planning.

That being said, you can take up to three classes, and can select them at whatever level you wuish. You may just find it didn't work the way you thought it would later on.

Welcome to DDO!

01-08-2010, 04:22 PM
I perfer clerics.

01-08-2010, 04:30 PM
When rogues are involved it is always optimal to take them as first level due to the large amount of skill points granted to rogues, this way you can maximize a bunch of skills right away making it easier to keep the core ones maxxed out as you level. the 18/2 splash is very nice as you gain the evasion feat, and still get all bard spells and will qualify for whatever tier 3 bard prestige enhancements become available.

01-08-2010, 04:37 PM
I love both classes heck I love them so much ive combined them :) bard rogues are so much fun for me right now ya just dont know :) fascinating/hypnoing mobs then going in for sneak attack kills, sure I cant do it where I get the assassin line without ruining what I get from the bard (well I cant sure others can) but splashing 2 levels of rogue on my bard for evasion taking the first enhancement for sneak attack training being able to solo many quests because traps and healing and fighting are not an issue :) yeah im loving the bard/rogue.

01-08-2010, 04:39 PM
I just started leveling the following build. So far it's been going well.
Full trap skills and evasion on a Warchanter isn't going to be ignored easily.
This build is not about CC. Not at all. It's about buffing, utility, and allowing others to do their own jobs better, while still being able to contribute in melee at the same time.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 3.14
DDO Character Planner Home Page (http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO)

Level 20 Neutral Good Drow Female
(2 Barbarian \ 3 Rogue \ 15 Bard)
Hit Points: 212
Spell Points: 448
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 12
Reflex: 17
Will: 10

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Abilities Base Stats Modified Stats
(28 Point) (Level 1) (Level 20)
Strength 16 23
Dexterity 16 20
Constitution 13 16
Intelligence 14 16
Wisdom 8 10
Charisma 10 15

Tomes Used
+2 Tome of Strength used at level 7
+2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 7
+2 Tome of Constitution used at level 7
+2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 7
+2 Tome of Wisdom used at level 7
+2 Tome of Charisma used at level 7

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 20)
Balance 7 23
Bluff 0 2
Concentration 1 3
Diplomacy 0 2
Disable Device 6 26
Haggle 4 25
Heal -1 0
Hide 3 5
Intimidate 0 2
Jump 7 22
Listen -1 2
Move Silently 3 5
Open Lock 7 9
Perform n/a 25
Repair 2 3
Search 6 28
Spot 3 11
Swim 7 10
Tumble 7 9
Use Magic Device 4 25

Level 1 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Two Weapon Fighting

Level 2 (Bard)

Level 3 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Piercing Weapons

Level 4 (Barbarian)

Level 5 (Rogue)

Level 6 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Extend Spell

Level 7 (Bard)

Level 8 (Bard)

Level 9 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Weapon Fighting

Level 10 (Barbarian)

Level 11 (Rogue)

Level 12 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons

Level 13 (Bard)

Level 14 (Bard)

Level 15 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Power Attack

Level 16 (Bard)

Level 17 (Bard)

Level 18 (Bard)
Feat: (Selected) Greater Two Weapon Fighting

Level 19 (Bard)

Level 20 (Bard)
Enhancement: Rogue Damage Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Haste Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Skill Boost I
Enhancement: Barbarian Sprint Boost I
Enhancement: Barbarian Extend Rage I
Enhancement: Barbarian Extra Rage I
Enhancement: Barbarian Power Attack I
Enhancement: Bard Extra Song I
Enhancement: Bard Extra Song II
Enhancement: Bard Extra Song III
Enhancement: Bard Extra Song IV
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Attack I
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Attack II
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Attack III
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Bravery I
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Bravery II
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Damage I
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Damage II
Enhancement: Bard Inspired Damage III
Enhancement: Bard Lingering Song I
Enhancement: Bard Lingering Song II
Enhancement: Bard Lingering Song III
Enhancement: Bard Warchanter I
Enhancement: Drow Melee Attack I
Enhancement: Drow Melee Attack II
Enhancement: Drow Melee Damage I
Enhancement: Drow Melee Damage II
Enhancement: Elven Dexterity I
Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I
Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Training I
Enhancement: Bard Charisma I
Enhancement: Bard Charisma II
Enhancement: Bard Charisma III
Enhancement: Barbarian Constitution I
Enhancement: Rogue Dexterity I

01-08-2010, 04:40 PM
Well in parties most rogues don't do a lot of the sneaking around, as sneaking is not nessesary to get "sneak attacks' off =D

01-08-2010, 05:52 PM
I'll probably just try a pure rogue at first and if I like it then I'll reroll into a bard splash.

I found this: http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p=1718372&postcount=11 from the templates for new players, but I really do NOT want to be a halfling, so does anyone have any suggestions as to how to change it into a human friendly spec?