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01-07-2010, 01:40 PM
www.ddmsrealm.com/ddo is a large database full of cross referenced quests and items information for DDO:EU.

· Find quests and items by level or name!
· Sort them by XP, Favor, Adventure Pack and more!
· Find Related Quests!
· Find Related Items!
· Find info on how to get the most from the quest! Conquest Bonus, Trap DC’s and Secret Doors
· Tips from the Vets!
· Found an item on the AH you like? Find the related Quest and other items you might get as well!
· Internal links to the best DDO resources out there!
· Packed full of useful DDO quests and items with new information going in all the time!
· Information for new and experienced players alike!

Please use and abuse this site. It was build for you! :D

02-03-2010, 01:47 AM
Waiting for Update 3 to go live? Check out the changes before the servers even go live on DDM’s Realm!


DDM’s Realm Update 3 Notes

Major face lift, now less ugly.
Linked into Borro’s DDO Wiki. Find these resource links at the bottom of the page for the item/quest.
Casual XP added to quests.
New Quests Added.
More quests verified.
Piles of corrections and adjustments made.
Tons of tips added.
More resources added to quests. (Maps, guides, etc.)
Top 10 XP Quests formula modified. This takes into account optional XP now so it more accurately reflects the true XP value of a quest!
New Top Ten section. Narrow this by level range and fine tune those ideal quests you should run.
Added an Adventure Pack summary and search. Check out what Adventure Pack is available, cost, quests and loot that can be found in them.
Added Newest Quest List Summary.
Added Recently Updated Quest Summary!

Look for many more updates to come. I have lots more I want to do I just simply could not get it all in yet.