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01-07-2010, 10:09 AM
I am new to the server and have started an intimtank here and will eventually be looking for a guild. I will be looking for a midsize guild preferrably with capabilities of raiding any and all raids. i am only level 5 atm so im not in a rush to find a guild but i would like to see if any current guilds fit what im looking for and would like an oppurtunity to get to know some of the members of any such guild to help make a decision at a later time.
Thanks and my toons name is Locomeck. Thanks for reading.

01-28-2010, 08:33 PM
Ok i been around awhile now havent really ran with alotta guilded people yet. But i am starting to want to find a guild soon. I am still looking for pretty much the same as my original post. Im almost level 10 and wanting to start getting raid ready. The intimitank im building appears to be coming along ok. Look me up. Thanks

02-23-2010, 08:20 PM

check out the matrix guild thread
it doesn't currently have enough players for raids but has just started and I hope u will feel it is right for u

pezu- cleric 19

killtron- rogue 9

thanks respond to "that" thread if ur interested