View Full Version : Gallery or Album?

01-06-2010, 07:03 AM
I apologize if this is said somewhere else. I just can't find it and don't understand it.

What is the difference between a Gallery and an Album on my.ddo? Is the album the master folder and the galleries are sub-folders? Or is it the reverse?

If someone can please explain this to me and how you're using it then I'll be super grateful.


Okay so I've been fiddling with it a bit and I think it goes like this:

The album is the PARENT. It's like saying this is a folder which contains all the little folders. Eg, A big one for Classes. You can put many galleries inside an album.
The gallery is the CHILD. It covers a specific folder you feature. Eg, Warriors. You can't put an album inside a gallery.
You can have many albums and put different or the same galleries inside. Mix and match how you like.

I sort of wish there was an explanation in the gallery/album area. But I'm glad I can move about galleries without having to re-make them.