View Full Version : Resizeable Auction House Window

01-05-2010, 06:34 PM
The social panel window is resizable so you can make it as big as your screen will allow.

Would it be possible to make the Auction House window resizeable as well? It would be quite handy if you could see the entire list of items on a page without having to use the scroll bars. Right now you have no choice but to scroll through each page as the size alloted will only show 6 items (instead of the 20 on the page). Now most screens likely can't handle 20 items but at least those that are able can use it.

If possible it would be nice if the number of items per page was determined by the size of the window. If they can see 6 items there are 6 items per page. If it is large enough to show 10 then there would be 10 items per page. I find a mix of paging and scrolling to be a cumbersome interface as you are always moving from next page to scroll bar and back again.

While you are at it it would also be nice if the Character Sheet and Adventure Compendium were resizable.