View Full Version : New Guild - Halflings Do It Best!

01-05-2010, 12:28 PM
Thats right, as indicated, I have gone out and made my own guild which suffice to say has been in development (mentally) over the years.

"Halflings Do It Best" is primarily a Pacific/Central time zone oriented guild. I am of course open to all timezones, but am hoping to recruit people within my zone for maximum playtime.

I have played DDO for 3+ years and am readily familiar with 90% of the content.

I am looking for people who like semi static groupings and are willing to listen and learn if new or are willing to teach and show by example if experienced.

Having characters outside the guild is permitted; however characters within guild must be either a Halfling or Dwarf (they are really just muscular fat drunk Halflings).

I am currently leveling my Main (reincarnated) Character at the moment, but upon completion I will be setting up new characters in the 1-3 level; 4-7 level; 8-11 level; 12-15 level.

I plan on making my 1-3 a melee; 4-7 buffer/bard; 8-11 caster or cleric; 12-15 caster or cleric.

My Main is Aluecian Brandywine, so please feel free to reply herein, send a PM here or ingame if interested.

My only rule thus far (excluding race requirements) is.....well I currently dont have any.:D