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01-05-2010, 12:14 PM
We have been active on Orien since the server went live. At the present time we are undergoing some changes. The guild exists to help active players who share my basic philosophy.

I believe that D&D is about the individual and about how to work that individual into a viable group. Not every build can bounce between groups -- some need active support to be viable in DDO. But, the demands of the guild should not dictate builds.

If a person is not active and the characters are not being used at least once a week then they will be removed from the guild.

The guild exists to help its all of its members and not just a select group of individuals. That means establishing regular gaming times. We have a guild site with a calendar of events. It is located at http://defenders.guildportal.com.

The focus is on main characters and raiding. F2P players are welcome but must have the following adventure areas at the appropriate levels:

Sharn Syndicate
Menechtarun Desert
Vale of Twilight (Shroud)

Main focus of gaming time is 1100-1400 and 2100-2400 Eastern time zone (11am-2pm and 9pm-midnight). Some adjustment is made on the weekends.