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01-05-2010, 10:58 AM
Just the ability to add +'X' enhancement to items, of course need to Bind Attune, but say I have a +1 Metalline GreatSword of Greater Evil Outsider Bane. Well, If I could just say, take OTHER weapons and do similar to Shroud Charging, and just burn +8's and higher to create High charged cells, but then burn say 20 of them to add another +1, then say 40 for +2 etc....

So maybe like this

High charged energy cells

20 for +1
40 +2
60 +3
80 +4
100 +5

So if weapon or ARMOR is +2, you would start at +3 (60) then do another 80 for +4, and another 100 for +5.

Also, add the ability to do similar, with addition of say a Positive/fire, etc... shard to add holy, pure good, flaming burst etc... to items that DON'T already have something in that slot. Say I have a +1 Vorpal Greatsword, ok, so i bind attune, then upgrade to a +5, then I turn and want to add Pure Good to it, I would need say another 100 High Cells, and then a Pure Positive Element in the mix.

This grind would take time, and its not easily done, since bank space is limited, and you'd obviously need to farm, hit shroud to charge what you have in inventory, and then, farm more, return to part 5 of shroud, use alter, many times. This wouldn't in my mind be overpowering, nor easy. Just something else to do.

I would love to see this in a NON SHROUD way, but at the same time, it'd prolly be easier to use some already in place crafting to expedite the process.

And barring upgrading, maybe we could just get the standing D&D 3rd ed crafting rules and make our wizards/clerics to make their own items...... :rolleyes: