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01-04-2010, 12:28 PM
Another year, another disappointment.

Last year I was awarded the uber Brooch of Shielding on GHallanda and this year, once again I achieved the Brooch of Shielding on Cannith.

This year I did not seem to get as much Sun Flasks as I did last year. Plus, none of my silver Coins turned into Coal or Twigs like they did the last two years. So that was nice.

Gold Coins turned in = 125
Silver Coins Turned in = 548 with one left over
Copper Coins Turned in = it will be around 4,000 Still have a bunch to cash in

Xoriat - I like this one. Does not last long, but it is effective and stopping some mobs.

I have not used the Succubus Cokie yet. Not sure if I want a bad guy following me around just so he can break as soon as I am involved in something else. Plus, how do I break it?

Xyzzy and Hezrou are basically useless IMHO.

Xyzzy did go after the casters but the caster died just as fast by the melees. I was not impressed with this.

Hezrou I think I got one minute of uberness. One minute. Big deal. I would think a gold coin would be a tad bit longer.

I think if I would sold all my gold coins for 5,000 each that would have been 625,000 GP and maybe I could have purchased a cool item. This might be my approach next year. (This assumes I could have sold them for that.)

I have been purchasing copper coins in the AH for 50 GP per coin. NO more than that. This means, a stack of 100 Copper I will buy it out for 5,000 GP. No more than that.

01-04-2010, 02:05 PM
Silver Coins Turned in = 548 with one left over

Did coins stop dropping?

01-04-2010, 02:09 PM
as of this morning I do believe... front page of forums has an announcement about just that. I think the jesters will be up for another week though.