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01-04-2010, 03:37 AM
Hey there, im looking for a guild to raid and questing.

Im 29 years old, my first mmo was "The 4th coming" in the 9ts. The game where i have experienced the end game raiding was in WoW.
Im used to raid around 4 hours by day, and normaly i play around 6 hours every day.

I started playing ddo when mod 8 comes out; at that time i lvled a rogue to 16 in the eur servers. But the population in the eur servers are to low and i gave up playing there. I came back to the game with the free to play, but im not in a mood to be a f2p so im paying for it. (well to be true i spend more money now that the game is free then i would spend when it was payed, bought 32 build and some +2 tomes... dont bash me :P)

My schedule is from 10pm to 4am (gmt).

Im flaqgged with DQ, Titan, Reaver, Abbot and Shroud.

My main language is portuguese but i can understand english.

well any additional question just shot.

ps. my toon is this in my sig >.<