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01-03-2010, 09:20 AM
Although this is not a great achievement, the Valhalla Permadeath Guild has reached a milestone by starting to make regular forays and running adventures in the Desert and Gianthold. What does make this achievement noteworthy is that the group consists of permadeath adventurers who have gained levels without the purchase of any gear outside of common items.

The six man team consisted of adventurers from level 9 to 12 and the scouting missions and quests ran occurred without incident.

We look forward to future quests into these areas - and hope that some readers may wish to join our guild.

Our guild rules (in a nutshell)

1 -- No use of shrines for resurrection
2 -- No use of the AH and no buying from brokers
3 -- No purchase of consumable magic
4 -- No trading of items outside of chest items (consumable trading okay if at same level range)
5 -- No repeating of quests at the same setting

We anticipate a number of our members to join us in more difficult content as our guild membership is strong.

Good luck and Good Hunting.