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01-03-2010, 01:32 AM
I haven't played in at least a year. Been back for a week or two, Manage to level a few lowbes, but without guild it is hard to find groups for my level 13 cleric. Looking for a very active and I prefer a very talkative guild. I am talking mics people. Why have them if you aren't going to say anything? Even with this southern accent I love to chatter. I am not from Tennessee though!!!! Anyways, back to the point, I am looking for a guild. Some things you should know about me I do know how to play. I forgot where everything is at. I am directionally challenged so even if I knew where it was at I would still get lost or fall. We all have our faults, but at least mine make for good laughs for you. I get scared of heights even in the game and I got one-hit killed today by a combustible barrel.. (that one is for your own enjoyment). Also, on an important note I am P2P. And just to be honest as possible, I did have a few things hacked, so I have been slowly building up stuff. People have been a great help, thank you guys, :-), so I am not as well-geared as most people my level. Number one thing you must know I am fun to play with (don't even think it!), and I will be here till here is there. I miss this game so much.

01-03-2010, 04:59 PM
Just a side note recently updated this girl's gear, not super decked out but up to average.

02-08-2010, 03:30 AM

I am wondering if you would like to join out guild. I will not promise fame and fortune as you can and probably have done all of that by yourself. I am hoping you might see potential in some of our younger members and may be willing to share your experience. You would definitely be an officer, though in a small guild I am sure you know that is just another term for do everything. We do have about 4 or 5 members in their 40s, so is not entirely a 20 something guild. Please consider us as you choose a guild, I have left the name of the guild and a description. I can only promise that the rewards of seeing young players learn the right way will be endless. Thank you for your time.

Credendo Vides


Credendo Vides is a small, but growing guild, mixing new players with experienced players. We welcome all serious, relaxed, team-players (pay-to-play & free-to-play) and strive to remain drama free. Credendo Vides is Latin, meaning: By Believing, One Sees. To many of the players of DDO, this sums up the game experience. To us in Credendo Vides, this is how we play our characters and therefore the game. We help our members develop and level their characters. A lot of our members are girls experiencing this game for the first time or even having played with their brothers and boyfriends. We also have guys who played paper & pen (tabletop) when D&D first came out, and know their rules. We do not try to cheat the game or the experience. We do share gold, items and knowledge with our newer members, as they develop and refine their characters, as they choose. Our guild preaches and teaches team play over solo play and we will start running multiple guild runs for quests. We are currently recruiting (see Holly or send tell) for like minded players..... By Believing, Ones Sees....


1) Guild leader: Holly - female Bard
2) Guild successor: Isabelll - female Bard
3) Guild officer: Morrigwyn - female Fighter
4) Guild officer: UrsoNovo - male Sorcerer / Barbarian
5) Guild officer: Eldarian - male Paladin

02-08-2010, 10:59 AM
..., but without guild it is hard to find groups for my level 13 cleric.

Looking for a very active and I prefer a very talkative guild. I am talking mics people. Why have them if you aren't going to say anything?..

On your first comment, all I can say is ?????????

Most people logon to their cleric and they are either inundated with requests to join their team or see about 10 LFM's looking for clerics.

Do you know how to look for posted LFM's? Are you anonymous? I'm guessing it has to be one of those. If you are anon or just sitting around waiting for someone to invite you to team, it definitely could take a while.

On your second comment... more people prefer to have their mic part of their headset, so they can hear everything and speak only when necessary. A good percentage of the people only say things when necessary and many of them know the quests so well that they don't have to talk. Many of the team leaders have been talking so much for 3+ years that they are tired of saying the same things over and over.

What you want to do is look for a sizable guild that has a vent / chat server of some kind, so you can be in that chat server with dozens or more people at the same time and can chat with them while on team with them or with other people.

Hope this helps.


02-08-2010, 11:05 AM
Visit any chainmail member. Our new leader is Chita. We have ventrilo voice service, a great website, and have no problemo helping returning players. ps Tuesday is chainmails 2 year anniversary!