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01-02-2010, 09:20 PM

Pestivities begin January 9th at 2:00pm EST

Pestivus is a Pestilence guild sponsored live event located on the Thelanis server. Many of you may remember Barryman's Bash, another live event that was sponsored by Pestilence. Unfortunately, Berryman is not playing anymore, but from his original idea PESTIVUS was born. Everyone on the server is encouraged to come participate in the events. There will be good times and great prizes for all to be had!

Since this forum is moderated, all info and updates about PESTIVUS will be posted in the main thread on the Thelanis forums here: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=222845
During the event, live information will be broadcasted in the pestivus channel: /joinchannel pestivus

The games, contests, and event schedule are:

PVP timed contests

Player vs. Player in a specified arena (to be posted the day of the event). Each pvp contest will have 3 rounds. The 3 winners will meet again in a 4th round in a bout for the grand prize.


2:00 Gather to receive rules of engagement for the pvp event - Brief Q & A

2:30 Contest #1: Lowbie fight (level 1 to 2)

Weapons consist of only sun flasks and coal given by the jester

No armor, spells, clickies, or activated abilities


.....Winners get a +2 tome of choice

.....Grand Prize:

.....The winner between the final three will receive a +4 WOP short sword (rr dwarf)

3:00 Contest #2: Highbie fight (level 1 to 20)

Weapons consist of only scroll in hand

No armor, spells, clickies, or activated abilities


.....Winners get a +2 tome of choice

.....Grand Prize:

.....The winner between the final three will receive a +2 WOP rapier

3:30 Contest #3: PESTI Fight (level 1 to 20)

All gear,spells, clickies, or activated abilities allowed

Character names MUST start with "PESTI"


.....Winners get a +2 tome of choice

.....Grand Prize:

.....The winner between the final three will receive a full set of the tome pages from the necropolis collectable quest

So, turn in your coins and roll a PESTI toon because big prizes are waiting to be yours!

For those who may not like the bloody arenas of stormreach, PESTIVUS has alternative games for you!

(Those will be ran parallel to the PVP events)

Blind Man's Buff

Reach the Pestilence member's location while blind and choose a prize.

Fifteen (15) winners, first come first serve.

You may bring a guide to help find your way.

If you need blindness, send a tell to a Pestilence member in the PVP arena and get your buff (or ask a friend). Once blind, you'll have 1 minute or less to get out of the tavern before regeneration heals you.

2:00 A screenshot of the location will be posted in the main thread on the Thelanis forums, and a description of the location is broadcast in the pestivus channel, which will be repeated every 15 minutes. The event ends after 15 winners, or when the PVP event ends.

Prize List (your choice of what remains):

Helm of the Archmagi, ML 15, RR human (UMD 22)

+5 vorpal battleaxe of shatter +2, ML 18, RR halfling (UMD 28)

+5 impact quarterstaff of disruption, ML 18, RR human (UMD 28)

Monk shroud set: +2 flaming burst handwraps of greater construct bane, +3 metalline kama of pure good, +2 metalline kama of pure good

Piercing Portal Set: +3 light pick of greater construct bane, +2 light pick of greater construct bane

Piercing Pit Fiend Set: +3 holy silver rapier of shattermantle, +3 metalline shortsword of pure good, +4 metalline dagger of pure good

Slashing Pit Fiend Set: +3 metalline scimitar of pure good, +3 holy silver kukri, +5 metalline bastard sword of pure good

Smiters Galore: +1 true law scimitar of smiting, +1 thundering kukri of smiting, +2 rapier of smiting, +2 thundering falchion of smiting

Disruptors Galore: +1 ghost touch bastard sword of disruption, +1 ghost touch bastard sword of disruption RR human (UMD 20), +1 acid light mace of disruption, +1 shock light hammer of disruption

Vorpals Galore: +1 vorpal kama of pure good, +1 vorpal dwarven axe of vertigo +2, +1 vorpal kukri of deception, +2 vorpal battleaxe, +2 vorpal dwarven axe of righeousness rr human (UMD 22), +1 vorpal khopesh of deception, +3 vorpal scimitar

+1 Str tome, +2 Int Tome

+1 Str tome, +2 Int Tome

+1 Str tome, +2 Int Tome

+1 Str tome, +2 Int Tome

+1 Str tome, +2 Int Tome

Pestivus Slot Machines

send a "/tell" amd Open a trade window with the warforged slot machine Pestilence members and give a gold coin. The warforged will invite you to his group and you will roll a 1d100 to possibly win a prize from the following list:

GS Blanks

small / medium / large shroud ingredients

+1 tomes

+2 tomes

vorpals, paralyzers, smiters, disruptors, banishers

+6 stat items

mana potions and more

There are no losers in this game, everyone wins at the PESTIVUS slot machines! The names of the warforged slot machines and their location will be posted in the main thread on event day and broadcast in the pestivus channel.
The Pestivus slot machines will accept only one coin at a time.

Pestivus Trivia

Test your DDO knowledge!! During the other events questions in sets of 3 will be posted in the pestivus channel. The first one to reply with all three correct answers in the event channel wins a prize. All three answers must be included in one reply.

Be the first to answer correctly and you could win:

Large ingredients

WoP short sword


Ring of the Ancestors

Hide and Seek

This starts after the PVP event. The participating Pestilence members and the event start time will be announced in the pestivus channel. When it begins, seek out a designated Pestilence member thoughout stormreach and wish them "HAPPY PESTIVUS" while opening a trade window and you will receive a gift.

Find the Revrend

During the Hide and Seek event, take a screenshot with the guild leader of Pestilence and post it in the main thread on thelanis to win:


Spectral Gloves

Firestorm Greaves

Large Ingredients

Green Steel Blanks

Tomes and more

The Three Tasks of Pestivus

Three (3) games that will be played until all prizes are given away or until Pestivus ends.

Mullite Crucible of Pestivus - Gather all items from recipe lists that will be posted in the main thread the day of the event. Once you collect the items send an in game "tell" to "JngleBllz" and meet him to turn in the items. The first five to complete will receive a freshly crafted greensteel blank of their choice.

Scavanger Hunt - Be the first to turn in a complete list of scavanger list items to win the reward of 25 blue dragon scales. The list will be posted on the day of the event. After you gathered all of the items send an in game "tell" to "Metalik" to receive your reward.

Fast and Furious - solo Timed Quest Completion - Post a screen shot of your fastest solo completion of a designated quest (the quest name and difficulty will be posted on the day of the event). Best 5 times posted first at the end of the event will win:

Royal Guard Mask

Jorgundals Collar

Helmet of Intimidation +15

Reavers Ring

Skyvault Shield

We hope to see all of you for Pestivus!! All this loot is burning holes in our pockets!!


Main thread on Thelanis here: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=222845
When in-game, don't forget to /joinchannel pestivus