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12-31-2009, 11:26 AM
If you're a Planescape fan and you clicked here to see if this was based off Sigil's faction, you've guessed right!

The Transcendent Order (http://www.mimir.net/psmush/ciphers.shtml)
(aka The Ciphers)

-Quiet Atmosphere
-Casual Friendly
-No Attendance Minimums
-All races/classes/levels welcome
-Roleplay welcome, not enforced

This guild, formed December 2009, was made by Cipher fans, for Cipher fans. We recognize some people just want to join the guild for the name (and have). The Ciphers are a very laid-back group of folks so we're not going to set any big rules on you. You are free to go at your own pace; whether that pace is as fast as a Tiefling's trickery or as slow as a Bleaker's smile. We only ask that you are polite, self-sufficient, and stick to DDO's gaming rules.

Contact: Eun (leader) or Zeskiira (officer)

Lore conflict? Planewalkers can be found everywhere in the multiverse, Eberron is no exception. It's very possible any Cipher could travel by portal into Stormreach. And so one has. Eun is the leader of the Stormreach guild but she does not claim leadership of the whole faction, that is Rhys' duty and she does it well.