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12-31-2009, 10:40 AM
As the title says, the widgets are lacking in performance and usability; they make it quite new user unfriendly as well as a headache for a more experienced WordPress user.

And due to my being on the Orien server, I cannot use the Character/Profile widgets (all characters are missing (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?p=2647121#post2647121)) so that limits me with the widgets available and my ability to speak on them.

I'd like to see included:

- Top # Posts - Posts that have the most comments on or highest ranks. 1-10 posts featured: exact # optional.
- Recent Posts - Quick access to the last few posts, for those bloggers that have long story/roleplay posts.
- Links - A simple link widget so those new to html don't have to fiddle with the Text version to include their fav links.
- RSS/Twitter/MySpace/Facebook - A subscribe/feed option that helps users find us, with their respective graphics included.
- Topic Search Box - One that -just- searches inside the user's blog for specific content.
- Contact -A special widget that makes a custom contact form. This makes us more accessible to F2P people, allowing much more feedback.
- Tag Cloud/List - As it stands, tags are nearly useless in my.ddo without widget access.
- Last Forum Posts - I'm not sure if this is possible save for letting us finding a way to subscribe (http://forums.ddo.com/search.php?searchid=7471635) to our own ddo account. It would be nice to share what we're saying on my.ddo as well as the forums.
- Last Comments - This doesn't have to be a widget option, per se. But I'd like to see it included so we can keep track of what our friends are up to. In fact, this could work well with the improved friends list idea below...

I'd like to see improved:

- Improved Friend List - When the "View all" is selected I'd like to see a few quick-stats for each person. Perhaps the name of the last post or last time they logged in just below their icon. This way I know if I'm going to an active site or just going to waste my time with an abandoned account. In fact, marking an account with a grey border when user has not logged in for more than 2 months would be perfect.
- Scaleable RSS Feed - Some people have very long subject lines. I'd love to be able to scale down the text so the last 3 feeds don't take up half my side bar. At least an option to have 2 fonts smaller would be perfect.
- Visitor's Scroll - Why can't I click on their name to go to their site? Why would it want me to delete the entry instead? That should be fixed. Also, there is obviously a character limit yet there's no way to read what the person said if they went past it. Perhaps a 'more...' button or an actual -set- character limit would fix it.
- Improved Text - Html often breaks in the text widget and you can have no more than 2 links at any one time before it fudges up the coding. Those trying to use the widget as if it were a 'Top Posts' (like I have) widget find it's pretty awful for it.

That's all I've got for now. I've yet to try the gallery widget/feature as it seems overly complex for what it should do. If there isn't a random image feature in it yet I'd recommend it. Still looking through it all so I'll be watching/updating this post when I find new idea/fixes.

With all this said, my.ddo (http://my.ddo.com) is getting better and better by the month. Thank you to the Devs/CMs for your time, persistence and desire to improve the ddo community.

Jan 3 - Added Improved Text suggestion.

02-03-2010, 06:28 PM
The RSS feed is okay, but I'd personally like to scale it a bit and embed a flash-type player to feature my podcast in My.DDO.com. Make it so!

02-06-2010, 02:08 PM
Make it so!
Taking a little break from another game? ;)

Yeah I definitely wouldn't mind the scaling part. It's just too huge and spammy atm. Flash player and podcast would be an excellent idea!