View Full Version : New Player LFG

12-29-2009, 03:23 PM
27/ Male living on the EastCoast Looking for a Fun, Laid Back ACTIVE Guild. By Active I mean is putting groups together daily. I Have my own Vent server also that can be used by the guild if they dont have their own.

I been playing off and on for a few months or so and am a LV 7 Rogue, I am P2P. I have odd hours of playtime, I play around Noon-3pm I work nights and weekends.

Need a guild that will show me the ropes, where to quest for my level, where to look for traps and if needed help with building a Character that will be helpful to the guild.

I came from Shadowbane, *cough* WOW, and Darkfall

Name is Jackelbait in Game hit me up and let me know or Message me here.