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12-27-2009, 07:38 AM
New players get tutorial quests and on-screen tips on how to equip armour, how to swing weapons etc.
We also get a tip saying how to have a yellow globe on our heads to indicate that we're looking for a group... which immediately leads to blind invites.
I'm pretty sure that after the first ten "tip" popups, 99% of the players will just close them as soon as they appear.
I did a brief "survey" after rolling a new toon on Cannith, and out of about 20 players just two, yes this makes the 1% of the new players, knew that you could hit 'O' to see who is online, who's looking for a group and so on.
One of those two was of course spamming the general chat with LFMs (3/4 consecutive rows every 2 minutes) and when someone politely asked him to stop because "general chat is not for advertising groups, it's just for uh... general chatting"), he replied with "show me the rule who states that" and continued his spam.
So, 50% rant and 50% suggestion. :D
The suggestion is: make a UI tutorial!
The PDF manual coming with the game is not enough: I'm pretty sure that 99.99% of the players don't even know that this game comes with a (somewhat outdated) PDF manual.