View Full Version : TWF vs Single Weap. Rogue

12-24-2009, 11:33 PM
I'm a little confused about twf vs single weapon for a rogue

at level 20, a rogue has 3 attacks per round at +15/+10/+5 bonus (or something similar).

1) If I'm using TWF, do I get a total of 6 (3 main 3 off) attacks? or just 4 (3 main 1 off)
2) If using Itwf and Gtwf, what effect does this have on the number of attacks? 6 (3 main 3 off) or 8 (3 main 5 off)
3) What is sneak attack damage added to? All weapon attacks made while the target is not targeting me/aware of my presence? Only the first attack? Something in between?

I've looked endlessly for the answers to these questions in D&D and DDO forums/informational websites in vein... please help.

12-25-2009, 01:12 AM
There are no rounds in DDO, so you cant compare the "round" of a TWF with the "round" of a THF" or "Sword&Board". Its all in real time, so you have to compare not by rounds, but by "Attacks per Minute"

Attack bonus is increasing in DDO, not falling like in Pen&Paper D&D. So you have +0/+0/+5/+10.

TWF roughly doubles your attacks compared to Sword&Board (aka 1 weapon, not of the two-handed kind - style)

sneak attack extra damage dice are added to all your attacks, as long as the monster is not focusing its aggro on you, or is in a "critical condition", like blind, stunned, held.
You do not need to sneak to get that, and the monster can also know that you are right besides him.