View Full Version : Feature Suggestion: UI - Contact List

12-23-2009, 03:24 PM
What I would like to suggest, and I have a feeling portions of it are against Turbines game vision, but...

A Contact List/Address Book. Do away with the "Friends List" and the "Squelch List" and replace them with one umbrella interface containing the following.

- Entries for characters (obviously)
- Entry for Comments
- Ability to link characters (to say Billy and Tipper are the characters belonging to the same player)
- A 5 star rating system, for person use only, to leave yourself "notes" on players you prefer to group with or avoid. I am in no way suggesting a forum-like rep system in game. In game that would be bad!
- Share this interface between all of your characters, not a different one for each.
- Check boxes for "Friend" and "Ignore" to support features already in game that look to these settings.

I would also like to keep the existing dynamic "Guild, Class, Level, Online, and Grouped" entries.

Also, regarding exporting/importing.... could that be changed to an xml format? Much cleaner to script dork with. :)

I know This doesn't seem to gel with Turbine's apparent desire to avoid tools to help us avoid each other, but I think it would be a lot cleaner than the way we deal with tracking players now.