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12-22-2009, 03:26 PM
Hey guys,

Yes, It's my first post, but I'd like to make a couple of suggestions that would make my life, and probably the lives of any spellcaster easier.

First and foremost, when you have an item that has a charge-spell, the inventory icon is that of the item (in the case of wands and potions it has a mini-icon in the upper left; other items just have the standard icon with a charge number). This is driving me nuts because at a glance I cannot tell what item is for what spell, and my shorcut bars (all 10 of them) shift around as my inventory changes, so I don't have a constant layout for muscle memory to take advantage of.
What I propose is this: Let us call the icon of the item the "Item Icon" and the icon for the spell/effect that the item holds then "Imbued Icon". When the item is in your inventory the Item Icon should be used with the Imbued Icon taking the upper left-hand corner (this should be for non-potion and non-wand items as well, be it bracers, necklaces, cloaks, or even cookies). The moment that the item is dragged into a shorcut bar, the icon should have it so that the Imbued Icon is main and the Item icon is in the upper left-hand corner.
The rational for this is simple: When I am out and adventuring I need to see what spell the item has before i know wether its a set of bracers or a cloak, or a wand.

The second thing I would like to see is this: When you assign a key-binding to a shortcut bar, there is a little text in the shortcut bar that reminds you what the hot key for it is. Let me either disable that, or change the color - it interferes with my ability to see what the item is when I have a convoluted shortcut key (I have one set that is "Ctrl+Num 0-9"; and that takes up a lot of room on the icon, making my ability to see what that is at a glance impossible); Better yet, let me scale it down so it just sits on the upper edge. This might not be a big problem if the icon gets changed by what I proposed above.

The third thing I would change is this: There is a little message box that pops up whenever you place an item in a bag, or when you get an action point, or when you get a quest item. For those of us with little screen-room those interfere with combat quite often. Let me have an option to turn those off. This would interfere with the "You feel a draft" message however. If there is a way to let us choose what gets turned off, fantastic.
The same goes for the giant text that shows up when you pick up a collectible - that gets really annoying.

Another thing I would do is allow any item you are wearing to be placed in a Weapon sets. I carry around three bracers with clickies, plus the one i wear normally. I would like to be able to place all my standard load out items in a "set" so that way all I have to do is click that one button and I am back to my standard equipment. It gets annoying to have to change one set of bracers to activate a clicky, then change my cloak to activate another clicky, and then forget to go back to the things that give me passive benefits - you lose track, and quickly.

The last thing, and then i shall stop my ranting, is I would like to see an ability to change the name color (you know the one that floats above peoples' heads) for people who are in your guild that aren't a member of your current party.

These things that I have proposed, assuming that you actually read their full length ;), are things that would actually greatly enhance gameplay in my opinion. I get very frustrated at my ability to quickly descern my item-clickies.

Many thanks,

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05-17-2010, 11:40 PM
I'd love the option to hide or disable the assigned key bindings for each shortcut bar slot. As it is now, the text for "Alt+Shift+2" wraps over multiple lines, nearly obscuring the icon underneath.

It would be great if there was an option to hide the text entirely, and make it appear when you hover the mouse over the bar (or individual slot). Even better, allow the option on a per-bar basis. That would allow some bars to display the text and others won't.

As a wizard, I have many wants, and the key part of the icon that differentiates one wand from another is the symbol in the upper left corner. When you have key binding text that wraps over multiple lines, that part of the icon is nearly hidden.