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12-21-2009, 02:06 PM
Okay, I fully admit a bias towards Wizards. I play several and they are, by far, my favorite class. However, I tend to feel as though they get the short end of the stick in certain areas, so I thought I would bring them up for discussion...

This is, by no means, a comprehensive list. Additionally, some of these issues are not *specific* to Wizzies, and equally apply to some or all casting classes.

- Loot. Big one first. I've long held that loot is *much* more interesting on a melee than on a caster. Whereas fighters are always looking for new weapons, niche ones specifically, a caster has a handful of items they need and once they have them all else is basically vendor trash.
- Staves. Wizards should have staves, not dual wield scepters. Right now all Wizard staves that *might* be comparable to dual wielding scepters are raid loot. Wizards should have a wizard staff that they augment. Something along the lines of DT armor (although not specifically like that) where they have a staff and they add some form of augmenting item to it. Better staves can support more augmentations.
- Many spells don't scale to the game - While weapons and mob HP have scaled well beyond the bounds of the original PnP source material, many spells have not, making most of the games spells utterly useless unless you are farming lowbie favor. Symbol of Death, Undeath to Death, any of the Power word spells. Many damage spells as well, like Acid Rain, Burning Blood, and Shout as well.
- Missing spells - even beyond the biggies that would be difficult to deal with in game (Wish, Time Stop, Fly, etc.) there are ones that would be useful, like Black Tentacles, Blink, Polymorph Self/Other, Bigby's spells, Mordenkanain's sword, etc.
- Familiars - of course. :)

- Broken spells - Solid/Acid fog spells have been broken for a while now. They are a significant staple of the arcane crowd control repitoir. Please push that up the bug-fix list. :) Mordenkainen's Disjunction does squat on mobs. It *should* break things like Sorjek's Command, but it doesn't even roll.
- Targeting issues - Spells not going off if the target moves behind you, but AoE spells go off where a target starts, not where they are when you finish casting.
- Spell disruptions - Spell not going off it you hit a plane the wrong way and go into a climb motion. Timer still kicks in, but no spell effect.
- Ridiculous saves - Okay, so how the heck do I miss frost giants with a fireball? They are the size of a house! I am *not* missing them! No way should a giant have a half decent reflex save.
- Spells not casting at all - Every once in a while you'll cast a spell and nothing happens, no message, no fail, but, of course, your SP goes away.

Other things...

- SP regen. HP regen was brought into the mainstream, why is there no SP equivelant.
- Spell scribing - Even if you were to place heavy restrictions on it, like make them bound and non-stacking, Scribing your own spells could be very handy.
- Create Magical Items - Again, even with severe limits, would be nice...
- Recharge magical items - for those items with limited charges, some way, even an expensive way, to recharge them would be nice. I care less about recharging wand I could buy, but some things that can't be bought...

I don't mean to whine and moan. I just want to bring up some things that I think need attention. I am *not* saying Wizzy's suck, yada yada, but I do (completely subjectively) feel as though they get less attention, hence... post.

12-21-2009, 02:49 PM
SP Regen is already in the game, in the form of Vile Blasphemy, the Torc, the Mysterious Bauble, the Ring of Spell Storing (and it's awesome Epic version) and Concordant Opposition.

As far as staves, the closest you can get to what you've described is the Epic Staff of Inner Sight, which has INT +7 and two augment slots (Violet and Colorless). So you could potentially put exceptional INT +1 and, say, a spell focus. It's not much though, and there's better items still by far available, namely ToD rings and the Stormreaver Napkin.

But yeah I think casters have just as much of a grind for gear as melees do, in their own way.