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12-21-2009, 01:28 PM
The recent Dreaming Dark adventure pack is the only pack so far whose named loot is completely and totally dependent on access to another pack. The only named items from the DD series are the upgraded versions of items first obtained in Mindsunderer from the Path of Inspiration pack.

It's funny that they're not just one big pack, as there is barely any reason for a player to purchase Dreaming Dark separately (unless maybe he was an ex-VIP or something, who had farmed Mindsunderer earlier).

In addition to that loot dependency, there are other problems with the pack:
1. Much of it is too short or too easy.
2. Many characters are minimally attracted to the loot upgrades.

Here are a few suggestions that could improve those points.

Add drops of new items with Suppressed Power to the Dreaming Dark chain
Those items should mainly go into the final Dreaming Dark quest, because it has the most space to insert new minibosses with chests, and because it has a much lower loot-incentive to run it than the rest of the series (you'll run it once for every 8 times through the others (http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p=2634287&postcount=30)). Obvious choices for new items might include a dagger, bow, axe, or ring. (Note that fixing the Terror item would reduce the need for an axe)

Add Suppressed Power to some existing items from earlier quests
In some ways this would be a continuation of how Dreaming Dark is already dependent on other quests to get the named loot started. There are numerous other places in DDO where items linked to Dal Quor are found, and it could make sense for some of them to be upgradable in the Dreamforge too. Obviously, the Suppressed Power would be specifically chosen for each item as a way to make it approximately useful for a level 18+ character.

Examples of items that might have psionic Suppressed Power
Orchard of Macabre- Totemic Lavilier
Dreams of Insanity- Arcane Shard
Twilight Forge- Bereavement, Shining Cresents, Titanic Docent, Nullcloth Gown, Ring of Caustic Persuasion
Reaver's Fate- Dreamspitter
Random chests- Ioun Stones

For example, if we could just get 1d4 Holy damage added to Dreamspitter, it would become a pretty cool weapon.

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sounds good to me

12-22-2009, 02:41 AM
I really like this idea.

I recommend making the items that are newly added unbound and quite rare, but have them bind to character upon being upgraded.