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12-20-2009, 11:45 PM
Proudly representing our fine server with guild runs...Loot runs..pug or F2p. SolidSteel will assist with any needs ingame Send ingame mail with rank and time on for invitatation sigil. We are a social Dungeon Looting Guild gearing to Raid fairly quickly. New players or season vets..

Players are Playing mon-fri 10am-4pm and threw 4am Eastern Standard Times...Players from around the globe are encouraged to grow with us!

Officers are Samanthia



Solidsteel, Newvita,anotheralt

Http://Udr.guildportal.com sign up today


Mctankie or go ingame and under who type in search look under guild and scroll till you find one of us!

We have over 100 members 10 or more active everyday!

12-31-2009, 11:07 PM
Just a note to say that I'm happy to be part of this guild. Great guys doing great fun relaxed runs. One of my characters (Xeron) is a member right now but I will ask that my other 2 main characters be introduced as well over time.

Always looking for a good time, and these guys are it. :)

My characters so far:
Xeron lvl 8 Human Wizard
Lehmund lvl 8 Dwarf Barbarian
Briss lvl 6 Human Ranger