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12-18-2009, 08:56 AM
I have two requests to change the Adventure Compendium.

I have a hard time telling which quests and wilderness areas are "free to play (f2p)" vs. "pay to play (ptp)".
I would like to see a change to the Adventure Compendium that shows which adventures, quests, and wilderness areas are f2p or p2p.

Better yet, change it to allow me to hide the ones I do not have access to and only show me the ones I DO have access to. Have a check box that allows me to hide all of the content that I do not have access to. This would then show me only content I have access to (including all f2p and any content I have bought, or if I am vip it would show everything) and not confuse me with what I don't have access to.
If I wanted to see the content that I do not have access to then I could uncheck the checkbox and see everything. This is already done in the online map. Why can't it be done here?

It would also be nice to be able to tell which levels of each quest you have done. Currently, it only shows the HIGHEST level that you have completed. That is good, but I like to do the Solo level for all of the quests also. Right now I can not tell if I have or not. If that change is made though, we might as well be able to tell which of the levels we have completed. That way (if players wish) they could make sure that they complete ALL of the levels.


Mark (Goz)

12-18-2009, 10:13 AM
Those would both be useful GUI updates that should not be too hard to implement. Obviously the interface was first put into play long before F2P was around, so that is something that might not be too hard to implement. At the very least, they could prehaps enable a color coding flag, like making all the quests you are eligible for appear with a green font, and any you are not appear with a red font. That kind of change would not involve any change to the layout, and would obviously be useful to players in your shoes.

The second one about which challenge levels of a quest you have completed is something that has been asked for in the past, to generally good response by the player base. It would however drive the need to actually change the GUI on the Compendium interface. You would need to create a five column table to enable the game to indicate Solo/Normal/Hard/Elite/Epic settings have been completed with that character. I know I personally created a spreadsheet to track them all for myself and all my characters.