View Full Version : Missing Favor Store Points? Possible Solution

12-18-2009, 03:39 AM
Over the last few months I have noticed that sometimes when I log in, my adventure compendium is blank. Typically logging out and logging back in solves this issue.

Today, I ran a quest and got email. I went and looked at it was actually two. One for the typical 25 points for reaching /100 favor and another one for a 100 point bonus for reaching 2000 favor for the first time.

I loaded up the store, and noticed that my points had not gone up. I was slightly peeved. It's worked before every time. I would just load up the store, it would show my old points balance for a second and then reload itself and show my new points balance.

I then looked at my adventure compendium to see what favor I had and it was blank. So since I was at an inn, I logged out quickly and back in. I checked the adventure compendium and the quests were now there.

Now I checked the store, and the points were in my account.

Is it probable the log out/in resolved the issue? Of course. But the point is, if your adventure compendium is blank, you will not get your points until you log out/in.

So now you may have the answer as to why you're not getting the points at the right time.

Solution? When you log in, make sure you can view your adventure compendium and you'll get your favor rewards without issue.