View Full Version : Greetings fellow ston..players...

12-17-2009, 12:07 AM
Hello, hi and HIGH... So after 4:20 today, myself and my couple, few guildmates decided that since we are all getting to mid levels and would like to do some raiding or grouping up with other cool cats. Mature people that do not zerg would be nice. No kids please as I feel stange playing with people younger than my own kids and you crazy zerging people please do not even invite me. So look me up if ya need a 12 rogue, 8 Wizard, 7 Rogue, 5 FS, variety of other 4 and belows.

Peace N Pot,

(Forgotton 12 rogue, Traxer 8 Wizard, Hysterical 7 Rogue, Brightstar 5 Favoured Soul) <-- Just to name a few on this server..