View Full Version : MoneyMart is here!

12-16-2009, 07:45 PM
Hi Guys

Your local Hagglebard here.

Just letting the population of Cannith know I have created a UserChannel called ' MoneyMart ' for anyone who wants to get cheap potions and scrolls off my Bard Money.

Anyone is welcome to join it by typing /joinchannel MoneyMart

Please note whilst I will endeavor to get to people as soon as possible, I am also a player of our fine game so I may be a short while to get to your request.

In the meantime I am sorting out a second account to run on my other computer to try and alleviate waiting periods.
This toon will have the same Pricelist in his/her bio that Money has and will sit in the Marketplace near the Bank.

I am, however, not a fast food outlet, so please have patience.

See you in game.

Money Maker of Cannith