View Full Version : Additional Delete Button for Mails or Auto-Delete after Detach

12-16-2009, 04:46 AM
I often send lots of mails between my chars (especially collectables destined for the char who holds a large collectable bag).
One thing that I always find irritating (and disturbing for the workflow) is, that I have to
1. Open the Mail
2. Detach the Content of the mail
3. Close the mail (with the Close-Button located at a certain distance from the Detach-Button)
4. Click on the delete button for the mail
5. Confirm the deletion by clicking on yes (which also needs some distance to cover, beween the delete and the "yes"-Button)
6. Select the next mail

Maybe it would be much more user friendly if we had a delete button already within the mail, so we donĀ“t have to cover the additional distance between Close Button and Delete button in steps 3 and 4.
Maybe it would even be more userfriendly if we had an option (maybe implemented as a checkbox within the mail [and either auto-on or at least with an option in the options-menu to have it on auto-on for every mail]) that says:
"Delete the mail after detach and close" (so that after detaching the contents ofthe mail and closing it, it gets automatically deleted).

12-16-2009, 04:49 AM
I like this idea, the default DDO UI could do with a *lot* of streamlining.

I'd like to add though that you can delete a mail without closing it, as long as it has no gold/items attached. Saves a click at least :)
I usually open all my mails, detach everything as I open them, but leave them open (they just keep piling up on the same spot). When I'm done detaching everything I'll delete them all, as the mail is deleted, its open message closes automatically.