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12-15-2009, 05:30 PM
anyone interested in learning me and a friend on this area? I wanna see what its like.

12-16-2009, 04:51 PM
Look for people running it. They generally know what they're doing. I've had very good experiences, overall, with this quest.

The main things are:

When the quest starts, don't kill anything. Stay close to the leader so you don't get lost.
Once inside, again - stay close to the main group. Tempest requires a lot of backtracking. It's easy to get lost.
Don't touch any lever unless you know what you're doing. :)
At the end battle, remove your feather fall gear.

12-16-2009, 08:03 PM
Thanks for the tip man, I got into a group running it lastnight and it was poorly implemented as a group. the few that actually knew the area well didnt have group management skills,and we had a few jackasses that pulled all the dam giants. needless to say i hope thats not common. I can make it past the elementals ;) My brother says he finds good groups for this run alot so I am hopeful. hopefully tonight I can find some runs.

12-16-2009, 09:28 PM
last night had the best tempest experience i've ever had, many others said the same
we did it on elite in 38 min w/ only 1 death! all were lvl 10-12.
everyone worked perfectly together, barely even had to give instructions
and then after (while people who got blown off made their way back up) we did the optional (1st time i'd done it)

i'd be happy to run with all or any of you again!!!

CHEERS to all who were a part of it
(sorry didn't get everyone's names)

Phreaque lvl 11 drow monk

12-24-2009, 01:40 PM
Update, ive successfully completed this run many times now, but people who start these raids are so damn ******** when it comes to choosing folks for their group, you tell em your a ranger and they say no, I proceed to laugh and say I guarantee you, I can out damage most folks in your group dps wise, and if you healer goes down,i can heal you as well as provide barkskin,etc. people in this game are funny. So anyone wanna get some server group runs going? im interested,
I also have several guildies that would join up with us.

01-11-2010, 10:14 PM
yes, i dont understand the ranger hate that goes on sometimes, they are not worse than WF, but peeps still let them in group ;)...its a strange situation

01-13-2010, 11:24 AM
yes, i dont understand the ranger hate that goes on sometimes, they are not worse than WF, but peeps still let them in group ;)...its a strange situation

Ranged only kiting ranger hate mostly.

Seen a lot of them the last month or so.

01-14-2010, 06:25 AM
I wrote this story about the raid in question in our guild forum, seems it's appropriate to here as well so here you go:


Ok, I was in the worst spot of my DDO career yesterday. Let me share:

Background: My second time in the Tempest Spine raid. The end boss is on a ledge with a huge drop all the way back to the beginning of the quest, and he can throw you off the cliff. That happened to me the first time I was there and it took me over an hour to get back to grab my end loot.

Now, we are at the end boss. I volunteer to take the runes that you need to place in order to take out the end bosses protection spells. See where this is leading? :choke

I wait for the puzzle to be solved for me to be able to insert the three runes to drop the buffs on the boss, who everyone is fighting on the ledge. My baby starts crying in the next room, and seems wife is not around. The finishing of a raid is only a minute away, I can't leave the computer now!

The puzzle gets solved! I rush in to insert the runes. First two, no problem. Then at the third, I'm hit with sleet storm spell, and my freedom of movement buff has ran out! I have my worst moment in DDO when I'm slowly dragged towards the edge of the cliff, unable to resist, with the last of the runes still in by backpack...

I fall off the cliff, but manage to land on a ledge somewhere a few stories below, and don't die. I tell the others what happened - I fell with the last of the runes on me! They yell at me for screwing up the whole raid, and how could I have done a stupid thing like that. Baby is still crying. :boohoo

I decide that the only way to save the raid is to run back up. Other people are still fighting, and they think that there is a small possibility to take down the boss even while he still has the buffs. So, they keep on fighting and I try to find my way back up, not at all sure if I even can do it without getting lost.

I do manage to get up without losing too much time running to dead ends. Almost everyone has died, a few are still fighting and the boss is maybe at half health. I proceed to insert the last rune. The giant boss knocks me down, twice, when trying to insert it. Finally it succeeds and the buffs are off. But he is still strong, we have no healers left and there are maybe two others still standing. No other melees survived.

I attack the giant, doing a fair amount of damage, but getting hit pretty bad. The boss hits me unconscious, but I'm able to revive (I think someone hit me with a health effect, but not sure). I attack it again, but he hits me with his throwing strike and I'm sent flying through the air. I think its finally over for me.

But, I find myself standing on a top of a railing on the edge of the cliff - I did not fall off after all! I jump back down and manage to kill the boss with no health line left at all. Phuuuuh.

Then I still need to pick up a huge pile of stones and run them to the shrine, since no others seem up to the task. Wife returns and scolds me for keeping the baby crying. I go afk after getting the stones to a shrine and apologizing about all the hardships again. I don't hear whether they still yell at me, but I'm glad everything turned out ok for the raid.

I try to explain to wife that I could not ruin the last hours' quest for 11 other people, and that I needed to finish before comforting the baby. But she won't understand, of course. What could I have done?

PS: have to add that the baby was just crying because he woke up in his bed alone, so I knew he was not hurt or anything, just so you don't think I'm a horrible person.

01-22-2010, 10:50 PM
Heh, I know the feeling I have little ones too.Dont worry wifey will get over it.

01-23-2010, 11:22 AM
Thanks for the tip man, I got into a group running it lastnight and it was poorly implemented as a group. the few that actually knew the area well didnt have group management skills,and we had a few jackasses that pulled all the dam giants. needless to say i hope thats not common. I can make it past the elementals ;) My brother says he finds good groups for this run alot so I am hopeful. hopefully tonight I can find some runs.

I've run this a lot on several different characters. Out of tons of runs I've only seen 3 really bad ones - so IMO it's pretty rare and you should be able to find good groups pretty consistently.

01-26-2010, 11:53 AM
Yep, ive run this a million time now, know it like the back of my hand, still plenty of tards that run it,which is why I play in GH with my guildies. Tempest is cool for a little bit,but it really isnt all that fantastic once you get to higher areas. I just use it now to get my mid lvl guys some xp until i get them to GH and what not. When I have time to waste and am looking for some easy fun I run tempest. My ranger can pretty much solo it at this point,not much of a challenge.

02-11-2010, 06:12 PM
Tempest has a distinct disadvantages in it. It's complex, requires teamwork, and is low enough it level most people still don't know how to use a mouse to game with. I jest on the last one, but only a little. A few tips though.

1. Starting out.
Skip buffing outside of fire res and haste, all the newbs are going to die and possible others as they attempt to obtain their stones. There seems to be two ways in handling fire res. Move to the right if you have it or jump if you need it. Also don't jump in the lava. You take damage each time you enter the lava or every 2 seconds of being in it. Guess how many 10th level people have a jump mod so high they remain in the air for even 1.5 seconds...

2. Traps.
If you are standing in a hallway and see either spinning blades of death or poison. Don't run into them. You would think this is a no brainer but even after telling people to stay there over half the party every time dashes into the poison. Needless to say I skipped taking neutralize poison as an excuse for that very reason. Anyway, the creatures on the other side will turn off the traps before running into the hallway. For the blades one shoot the blackguard on the other side, for the poison one let a WF or higher level Monk, or anyone else with immunity to poison run down and lure. Also the "trap" with the flaming pilers of fire after you run up the mountain outside should never be disabled, it summons fire elementals if you do. The only other note on traps I can think of is the bridge to the inevitable. Again don't run into the acid that kills you, let a poison immune run though the poison traps to lower the bridge or just disable the trap.

3. Fire & Ice
One lures the ice reaver down and the party kills and all attack the fire. Seems simple? Nope. To lure you need to know where you're going and have deathward, also PoE & FoM might block dancing, idk. The know where to go part is where most people fail. Just because you in a swarm of 11 other people could drop a giant without taking damage doesn't mean you can endlessly run the halls soloing multiple spellcasting giants and a death spell spamming ice reaver. Expect to spend 20 minutes in here with an incompetent party. To answer your question about the why, fire and ice both have to be killed within 15 second of each other or they respawn. The run to ice is too long to lure fire and most parties are simply too weak to handle being split into two and too incordinated to time killing both monsters.

4. Tunnel of water.
Lack water breathing? Say something. Wizard is clear on the other side and you whined? Wait a minute, no one is in a hurry to run clear back just to help someone who didn't stand near the caster when WB was cast. This is the 3rd quit point btw. Either people throw a fit and leave after drowning in lava, failing not to run into more lava or they ran off in the wrong direction in fire & ice and lastly drowning here. Quitting will happen at those three points. don't worry, the party is better off without them.

5. The second Beholder
You stand next to the hole and move your view around so you can right click on the beholder. Move closer to the edge and FW it then move back out of sight. Beholder dies, everyone is happy.

6. The boss.
No matter how much effort you spend saying the boss is buffed, you won't do much blah blah blah people still run in before the puzzle is completed. Just tell them the boss is invincible until the puzzle is completed and stress the point of him blowing you off forcing you to run all the way up by your self. You'll still get people dumb enough to run in but most of the time the fear of having to run all the way up when they don't know where to go is enough to keep them out. Anyway, the tactic there requires 2~3 people. The tank, who draws aggro of the boss and the reaver in there, the puzzle solver/rune dropper, and the healer who keeps the tank alive. Once the puzzle is solved and the runes are in the rest of the party can come in. FoM, Resist to both Electricity and Sonic are required for all. Barkskin/Blur/Ironskin Chant for the Tank recommended.

7. Party Slots.
You absolutely need a wizard, a healer, and a tank. The wizard can prep knock for the two locked doors and as mentioned in the trap tips, you don't really need to disable anything unless you want the XP bonus. Also there are 18+ str levers and 18+ int runes to use. For your remaining slots I'd recommend a rogue for the trap disable bonus, a bard for ironskin chant and the SP reducing song, a ranger for barkskin, a light pathed monk for his SP booster and the fire combo's +2 to all bonus, second or third healer and the rest is DPS filling. You have 12 slots so post and LFG and enjoy the run. Theres some really good wealth to nab and the XP is great too. The only other f2p quest around this level that gives that much XP is the Pit, another fun quest to try out.

02-16-2010, 09:09 PM
Yup ... we had no one leading and if it weren't for you and I knowing what to do it would have been worse. I stayed quiet until the end and thought if I don't highjack the run and make a plan for the end it will take another 20 minutes.

SifuTam the Monk :)