View Full Version : LF static grp sarlona

12-15-2009, 09:40 AM
Well im back to the game after a year or so without playing mmo's, previously i was playing in EUR servers i have a competent rogue lvl 16 there.

At the moment i have 2 toons a WIZ/rogue 9/2(max rogue skills) and a rogue/fighter/barb 2/8/0 both WF's, both builds where grabed from the forum: the wiz/rogue is my selection to play for now, since the other one need better equip to do a good job. Im looking for joining a grp of ppl to meet the game better.

Im from portugal so my play time its from 10pm(GMT) to 2~4AM(GMT). Normaly im playing almost any day of the week.

My main language is portuguese but i can undestand and speak english (understand better then speak for sure :P)

well cya and hopefully i will meet you online

12-17-2009, 03:59 PM
Boas Proteu :)

Neste momento podes encontrar guilds portuguesas em Argonnessenn (Portugal Guild pouco activa) e Canith (Moonlight Society mais activa), também conheço ppl em Orien (uranium) e em Argonnessenn (dryzzit) e pronto espero ter-te ajudado se quiseres encontrar-me basta adicionares Errguro e Errguru na tua lista porque acho que tenho um char em quase todos os servers.