View Full Version : A Festivult Wish List for myDDO

12-15-2009, 07:24 AM
On the Naughty-or-Nice scale, I rank somewhere between “True Neutral” and “Chaotic Nice”. I believe this entitles me to a short Festivult gift list.

Dear Festivult Jester

I don’t want anything for myself (cough cough +4tome cough), my Festivult wishes are for the good little bloggers all around the world.

A global search feature: Some folks have written some really good stuff. I sure wish I could find it.
Remove Most Rated and Highest Rated from the main page and replace them with something dynamic and useful like Devs Picks of the Week or something. Or just extend Recent Posts.
The Tag Cloud widget would sure look nice on my home page. Useful too.
A local search feature: There are blogs approaching 100 posts. I bet some of those posts are good too!
A local browse feature: Wordpress MU supports excerpts. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could scroll through a blog’s excerpts and pick interesting posts?

p.s. Most Rated and Highest Rated won’t work for us by definition. There is a reason that no new posts have cracked those lists in two months (most likely none ever will again).

p.p.s. If I am going to get another sack of coal, can you at least jack up the base damage a little? 1d2 bludgeon is just not getting it done.