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12-13-2009, 02:02 PM
In theory, this would be an easily programmable solution so that everyone doesn't look identical. This is assuming that the appearance of armor can be labeled Z with however much data label Z covers. Given that random armors have random appearances (i.e. not all +3 full plates look identical) this seems reasonably likely.

Add to the random loot tables, Blank Design Orb. By combining any armor with a Blank Design Orb, the armor is destroyed, and the resulting Design Orb "remembers" the appearance of said armor. Combine Design Orb with any armor, and that armor takes on the exact visual characteristics of the destroyed armor.

This adds complete customization to armor without having to wear garbage; and without having to go into in depth customization process. It provides an incentive to loot and trade armors - as well as taking some plat (albeit a small amount) out of the economy when they are destroyed. And, if these Blank Design Orbs are available at the store, provides something else for those appearance junkies to spend TP on.

(If you wanted a "RP" scenario for how this works, just make it an orb of illusion or something, and you are capturing the essence of one armor to cast an illusion over your currently worn armor. This also covers why your robes might look like FP without any of the penalties lol.)

12-13-2009, 08:40 PM
A lot of the armor models are really ugly, and the artists seems to have this huge fixation with pockets, and these ugly back-back things which make no sense if we can see bag space but not everything else we're wearing. I would love to be able to change my appearance to be more to my own liking.

12-18-2009, 12:30 PM
Yo Samhadi I completly agree with your idea and have summarised it in this Thread.


I hope you dont mind. The only reason I re-wrote the concept was because I had more to add to it, and it made it easier to apply to my own concepts. Heres to hope we get Armour skin customisation someday. :-)