View Full Version : how are adventure packs linked?

12-11-2009, 03:04 PM
I am F2P and looking to buy some adventurepacks. I currently have 4 different chars on 2 servers that I have been experimenting with to find what I like best. All are adound 4-5 lvl.

Can someone explain which option is correct?

1. when I buy an adventure pack is it tied to my DDO login and works with any of my toons?
2. is it tied to the server I buy it on and works with all characters on that server?
3. tied to single character? only works on that toon?

Please advise before I make my purchase.


12-11-2009, 03:06 PM
1. yes
2. no
3. no

Purchased packs are good for all your toons forever.

12-11-2009, 03:27 PM
good to hear! Thanks.