View Full Version : Looking for a Static group

12-10-2009, 11:54 PM
Hello all,
I am new to DDO and am looking for a few people to play with on a regular basis. I am getting tired of PUG's really quick. I am a premium player and have a lot of the adventure packs so different content isnt hard to come by. Also I'm not looking to lock up someones new best toon so that we only play together, but I would like to try to stay in touch with the same players on a regular basis. I'm currently on the Sarlonia server and have a 3rd lvl Rogue that im going to split to 13/6/1 Rog/F/Ran. I also have a 4/3 Rog/F that I'm going to take to 14/6 when done.

I am usually on M thru F with occasional Sat and Sun. During the week though its not until after 2am Central time, and I usually only have about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to play. Weekends are weird and hectic so I'll say im usually on at some point and leave it at that.

I will make my own disclamer now by saying that all this could change If/when my wife gets on to play, so im looking for some people who are there but won't be offended if i'm not or if I opt out for something else. And Im also a Dad so sometimes that intrudes also. I'm not looking for kids that want to ZERG all the time, though I dont have anything against the occasional fit of ZERG insanity if its called for. :)

I hope this finds some helpful players, and Flamers beware!!! I have a garden hose