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12-10-2009, 07:43 PM
First, a small, largish list of issues I have with the store:
1) Items do not indicate whether they are bound to account or to character; this makes buying decisions BEFORE HAND impossible. For instance, spend the 1.5k on a huge bag... and boom... bound to CHARACTER. So, I have now invested 1.5k into a single character, which may or may not make it past level 6, and I now a loath to delete the character as it is the same as buying a new [insert luxury item here] just to throw it in a fire. I'm not buying more bags till they are ALL account bound. Please do not equate the store to rare finds as rare finds have no correlation (except if you wanted to count time invested) with real life costs.
2) Hair styles have no detail beyond the teeny-tiny postage stamp sized image. I bought something that looked good on that postage stamp and it ended up looking like tripe. One suggestion I have is to sell coupons that could be traded to in-game NPCs. The NPCs could "cast" a temporary spell on you so you can see the cut before you purchase. Another possible solution is to use screen shots (we all have keyboards with the Print Screen button, so why doesn't Turbine??).
3) when I look at my account history, I see all the items I've purchased and what they cost. I do not see any points I've purchased or any points that have been given to me as rewards for favor OR VIP. How the heck am I supposed to keep track of whether or not I received my monthly allotment(I am VIP) if it's not displayed anywhere?
4) I'm tired of the useless purchase receipts I receive in my e-mail. There should be an option to disable them. It's good for both parties: I do not need to see it, and Turbine doesn't have to traffic the e-mail.
5) We should be able to see items I cannot currently purchase from within the store so that I, and many others, can better plan character development. The best examples of this are the +1 and +2 tomes available at levels 4 and 8 respectively. If I did not already know the level requirements, then I would not plan properly.
6) The store interface is clunky, especially when you attempt to view a category with now items available for purchase. Why does the menu disappear on this screen? Additionally, the menu does not always respond. Sometimes I have to close it completely by clicking somewhere else, and then start descending down the menu again. Menus have been around for a long time... why doesn't this one work?

Second, I am STILL not receiving my monthly allotments of VIP reward points. Currently, I am about 2k short, counting the 500 for each of Sept. and Oct., and the 1000 for Nov., that is, counting them as best as I can without verification of ANY SORT from Turbine. This number is soon to be 3k, as Dec. is fast coming to a close.
I paid for my points. I want my points. Technically, I could back-charge Turbines account for the full price of my membership as the agreed upon services/goods have not been delivered -- this is not a threat, this is reality. Tickets go unanswered, as do any posts about missing points.
I need to see Turbine take this issue seriously.

I enjoy this game greatly and hope to continue to play for some time. I would also like to see it improve in these areas.


12-12-2009, 08:20 AM
I am lost. Been playing D&D since the Greyhawk days, been playing computer stuff almost as long as there've BEEN home computers, and as a new player to THIS game, this store has me baffled. Massive amounts of merchandise advertised that I can't even SEE in the store, and I have to go surfing the forums for player comments to figure out why because the web-site is soooo poorly interlinked, the guides are a joke, and finding out answers is a snark hunt. Nowhere in the "Official Turbine Guide" on the DDO store is it mentioned that I would get into the game and find most of the merchandise screened from me due to level - or is it favor? I still haven't figured out which. Probably both.

This company's trying to make money? I can't see how they're going to do it without a massive effort in quality improvement - which is a shame, because the game itself is a lot of fun. However, I am seriously re-considering my decidedly premature decision to buy that VIP account.

Yo, Turbine: companies that confuse and frustrate customers don't get repeat business. How about putting the requirements for these items in the ads for these items, so I know the great new nifty you're advertising for THIS WEEKEND ONLY isn't intended for me. How about a detailed "idiots' guide to the store" for us idiots - and put a link right out on the home page where we can find it easy instead of having to guess where you might hide it. We slow-in-the-head old fogeys spend too.