View Full Version : Sigil Sale is NOT WORKING

12-10-2009, 04:16 PM
My Barbarian is currently level 7 and I was talking to my guild about farming silver sigils. They suggested I just buy one from the store, so I checked out the price. I noticed it was 10 points, which didn't seem right so I checked out the DDO website. Sure enough, I found the following on the DDO Sales Page:


I went ahead and purchased it, then noticed by DDO points went from 110 to 10. I checked my e-mail for the purchase confirmation and saw the following:


I go back in game and look at purchasing a gold sigil to see if I can actually purchase it for the 10 remaining points I have left, since the sale had the gold sigil advertised at 10 points.


It's not so much that I was ripped 90 points, that's not a big deal. In an ideal world, Turbine would be able to refund the difference in points to my account. Sadly, I doubt this will happen.

However, I will definitely reconsider purchasing more turbine points if the store is in such a mess that every single step of the purchase indicates the promotion price and only after the purchase is complete do you find out it was wrong.

Combined with the lack of detailed transaction reports for turbine points (e.g. favour TPs, VIP TPs, Buying TPs, Purchasing Adventure Packs) leave me completely unable to trust the system. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just in-game currency, but this is real money they're dealing with and they aren't doing a very good job.