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12-10-2009, 02:25 PM
To participate in a DDO PD Event in honor of The Valhalla Permadeath Guild 1st Year Anniversary.

The Waterworks Gauntlet (please run between 12/10/09 and 12/17/09

Gauntlet Challenge Guidelines (feel free to make it tougher)

Challenge Specs are:

1 - Make a Lvl 1 (you may do the Grotto and visit Lockania for Gold and equip with standard stuff from general vendor but obviously no magic)

2 - Enter the WW as a group of Lvl 1's and run the entire chain at level one.

3 - Between segments you may spend AP's turn in stuff etc for ammo or healing potions - no Fest coins allowed

4 - You must fight your way in and out of the Tunnels - and may not loot same chest x2 if rare drops in your trek

5 - You must attempt all optionals etc.

6 -- Winning is completion of the quest.

7 - If a death occurs the group may opt to continue the challenge shorthanded or may reroll and retry.

8 (optional) if you wish to rinse/recyle and run on Hard at Lvl 2 you may do so.

9 - (optional) You may include the no shrine rule of The Core if you wish.

NOTE - This is meant as an event to celebrate the success of one guild in particular and PD play in general, and to promote civility and a friendly spirit of competition among DDO PD Guilds. PLEASE don't make this a "my guild is great and yours is not" event.

Please use this thread to reply and to post your accomplishments if you take on this challenge.

Smaller PD Guilds may wish to work in concert with others.

Non PD Teams are also welcome in this event - please post if you wish to enter!

KG Wiking

Hope this is something of interest to you. IF so please let me know and we can promote this event on the Forums.

KG Wiking