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12-08-2009, 11:58 AM
I currently have a build for 5 Ranger/2 Fighter. I was wondering if i should splash Monk for higher AC, and if so what feats/enhancements to get before hand so that i am not gimped trying to get the proper ones.

23 STR - 17 base; 1 fighter enhancement; +3 item; +2 Tome
21 DEX - 17 Base; 1 ranger; +3 item
12 CON - base; +2 item
8 INT - base
12 wis - 10 base; +2 item
8 char - base

Weapon Focus slashing
Spring Attack

first attempt at a multi calss build, let me know...

12-08-2009, 12:03 PM
Most people are going to tell you to plan your multi-classing ahead of time, and they're right. Your build, which I take it will eventually be Fighter 12 / Ranger 6 / ???? 2 is missing evasion so I would pick that up. That leaves Monk 2 or Rogue 2. You would be much MUCH better to have went Rogue on level 1 rather than now. Monk doesn't make as much of a difference. However, if you go ahead and go rogue now, you can put all your points into UMD, and do the same a few levels later.

UMD, Backstab, evasion
Wis to AC, better saves, +1 wis, evasion.

12-08-2009, 12:07 PM
First - what is your end level breakdown planned? 12ftr/6rgr/2mnk, 12rgr/6ftr, etc.?

Second - with a 10 starting WIS, adding a monk level for AC probably won't net you all that much. Adding it for evasion, on the other hand, with a 17 base DEX isn't a bad call.

Third - where did you put your lvl4 attribute point and where do you plan to put your 8/12/16/20 points?

The 12ftr/6rgr/2mnk multiclass is a pretty potent combination, with monk in it for no other reason than 2 feats and evasion. IMO, the two monk levels are the perfect place to put Toughness and Power Attack.

If you're going for an AC build, your int isn't high enough to qualify for Combat Expertise - high-end AC typically comes at the cost of Combat Expertise as well as a pretty significant equipment investment (Icy Raiments, Chattering Ring, Greensteel +4 AC weapon, etc.)

I kind of rambled there, but hopefully you can glean some advice from it :)

12-08-2009, 12:08 PM