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12-08-2009, 08:21 AM
Well met travellers!

Cult of the Fallen is a Dungeons and Dragons Online Guild that originally hailed from the Keeper Server in Europe but now lives and breathes on the Thelanis Server. Leader of this group of misfits is Shellezar Windblade, a Gimp of unparallel power and intelligence. Our Guild is comprised of mature ( with few exceptions ) players who value team spirit and want to have fun, questing with their friends and guildmates and enjoying all this game has to offer.

Hope to adventure with you soon!

This is also for all those European refuges coming from Keeper who belonged to the Cult over there or had affiliations....as in you dared to be a friend of ours ;)

Post here or pm me or even better contact me ingame on my alts to get netted back in with the Gimps of Keeper.

Unfortunately we are not recruiting atm until we have settled and set ourselves up again.....Let us teach you the art of Gimping your way through Raids!