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12-04-2009, 01:33 PM
I was thinking about making the ultimate soloing character, but still new to the game, I'm a bit out of sorts trying to come up with it on my own, however, I'm thinking WF Wizard/Rogue. Self-heals, great DPS, traps, good survivability, etc.

I'm sure this has been done before, are there any well-researched builds for me to try this out? I'd prefer something aimed at the leveling process and not just "here's your level 20 wants".

12-04-2009, 02:50 PM
Warforged rog2/wizard18 is a simple build. Simple in a good way :)

Starting stats (32 point build):
Strength 16
Dexterity 8
Constitution 16
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 6
Charisma 6

First level Rogue for skills. Then Wizard atleast until you can cast Wall of Fire. So second Rogue level in the middle, 'past' Wall of Fire and when you get a feeling those Flamestrikes and fireballs start to really hurt.

All level up points into Int. If you have or get Int tomes, eat. Any extra skill point you can get helps.

Starting Strength 16 is there, so you can melee a bit. Doesn't make you a barbarian, but it's something. Helps alot at low levels before you get enough mana and something thats better then magic missile. With DP clickies you can even do a bit of chopping at higher levels. Not red-named, but good enough vs trash mobs. With masters touch you can use any martial 2hander.

Feats: Insightful Reflexes (for Ref saves) and Toughness(for HPs) as soon as possible, the rest is standard Wizard stuff. Wizard gets extra feats, so you can even add Power Attack of Martial Prof:greatsword/greataxe/falchion/maul, if you get bored of casting Master Touch. This extra melee is under 'very optional'.

Skills (my version):
- max Search, Disable Device
- as much as you can in Open Lock. No need to max OL, but you do have to put some points here. Some lock have high DC.
- optional: UMD. I'd put some points here at Rogue levels so I could use rr/align restricted items and with some luck raise/restoration scrolls.
-optional: Spot. Spot has to be max or nothing. In the middle doesn't work.
- optional: Concentration. I'm going with 0 Concentration as i'll take Quicken. You should take Quicken even with max Conc. There are times you really want to be 100% sure to cast that Reconstruct :)

If 28 point build, go with less Str, so 14.

Hmm, DPS? At low levels you chop. As you level up, you start to add more and more magical damage. That damage comes in many forms, even things like Charm/Suggestion (let mobs fight for you), instant death spells, or just plain but effective Wall of Fire, Con of Cold, etc. There a times when you just avoid this mess and skip it with Invisibility :)

Thats about it. Kinda simple, but very effective.

12-05-2009, 08:19 AM
I am currently trying to find out this precise question and therefore i am trying these builds :

All WF :

-Skillbeast because of high int.. rogue skills
-Only class of all these builds with reliable disable device/search/open lock

-AC build with lots of DR
-2 extra feats, allows for 2HF or DWF..
-Better Mellee damage then the above build..

-Just to compare to the multiclass builds
-Good STR to weild that great axe..

-More Spellpoints and better magic damage then Wiz18/Mnk2
-Misses the extra feats to get some more mellee functionallity/survivabillity that a wizzard build has...

-Tukaws build, very good saves
-As Tukaws build but with higher AC, 2 extra Mnk feats.... vs 11 UMD instead of 23
These builds only start with 14/15 Cha and might have to much resists at higher levels as they dont have the feats for to much spell penetration while keeping the mellee abbilities on par...

All these builds rely mostly on greataxe for their mellee damage, use DR to stay alive in mellee range, have eveasion..

Sadly i will not have time to get all these builds high enough to get a reliable comparisson...

My main currently is a FvS18/Mnk2 that also is an awesome solo beast, but it lacks the offensive spellcasting and CC abbilites i love in the Arcane classes.