View Full Version : Looking for New guild

12-03-2009, 10:45 AM
Have been back to gave for about a month after all most a 2 year break from game. i stopped playing a few moths after the orchard came out not sure what mod that was.

Have 3 toons looking for home

Ruca Barb lvl 18 atm well equipped this is my main , still working on my green steel up grades on him. but he is well equipped to what iv seen of people lately.

Rucaslove lvl 13 wizzy who is about 2 weeks old .

Out of ammo 13 ranger/2 fighter this is the toon i run when ranscked on a loot run. well equiped as well () bow user)

Right now all theses toons are in warrior soul , and are looking for a higher lvl of skill and play ..

Former officer of Xcorps if anyone goes bak that far of lvl 10 cap , and as of my return to game was a member of ethernal guirdians , they disbanded and move on during my leave from game.

Trial runs are fine with me , or trial times with in guild ect on any toon.