View Full Version : Looking for Guild [Questing/RP/PvP-lite]

12-02-2009, 11:23 AM

I am known as Angriel of the house Valorien, a cleric devoted to the Sovereign Host. In addition to my clerical Devotion, I have received some training from the paladins to aid me in my quest to restore the balance of Law and Good in our lands of Eberron.

Questing with varying groups to battle the hordes of kobolds that infest Stormreach has led me to meet some kindly folk, but I believe the battle against evil can only be won by a dedicated alliance, working as one. I am seeking a well organized group of mature membership, who share that opinion.

Although new to these lands, I am learning quickly the ways, and feel I am ready to contribute. I take the role of adapting to the current needs of the group. I can deal some damage, and when healing is needed, I focus my attention to the health of the party.

For my credentials, I have since the tender age of ten learned the scrolls of master Gygax. For ten years I led a force of knights in the lands known as Ultima, but now I seek a guild to pledge my service to.

I would welcome an invitation to quest with your group, and we can take it from there.

I normally roam the land between the 10th and 12th hour of the evening, by the Eastern reckoning.

I tend to stay in character and would prefer RP or RP-light group. I do like the idea of perma-death, but don't have the free time to keep re-rolling. I want to get on, see what the guild is up to or organize something myself and go. I like gaining levels as much as the next, but haven't enjoyed some of the the super-zerging runs as much as those where you feel like you are advancing as a party. Enjoyed some decent teamwork on Kobold Assault, but would like to find a place within a group.