View Full Version : Need help/advice on building a Monk/Rogue

12-01-2009, 10:55 AM
Hi guys. I have a monk which is assist 1st job and dps 2nd job. I have seen the ranger/rogue ideas and would really really like to put rogue into my monk some where so I can unlock doors, disable traps etc. I love my monk exactly how it is atm so im planning on keeping the stats for my second build (monk/rogue) the same as my straight class monk. I was thinking of going 3 Rogue and continuing Monk. Would this work and do I need to change the stats? My stats for my level 3 straight class Monk are:


On my next build, I obviously plan to have my Wis higher as it is a monks main stat. Therefor I am thinking of going for at least 16 Wis being exchanged for the Int. My monk doesn't use weapons so no need for enhancements in that area (finesse etc) This is using a 28pt build. Thanks in advance for the help.

12-01-2009, 03:43 PM
IF you are a "Skills" player (meaning that you rely more on skills than gear), you will need at Int of at least 14 (and 16 is preferably) in order to keep those skills maxxed out.

Along that line, I think that your stats are fine but you may want less Str instead of less Int (but you need at least a 12 Str - as well as Dex, Wis and Con - because of the elemental stances).

As far as Weapon Finesse goes, you need this (as well as the Two Weapon Fighting Chain) in order to DPS. Unarmed is considered a light weapon (as are Kamas). So, you get Flurry of Blows AND a high to hit (as you are now using your "main" stat for combat). I have a level 3 straight monk with a constant +15 to hit